Top 5 Tips To Play Winning Online Poker

Long-term winning online poker players share certain traits and characteristics which give them a profitable edge on the virtual felt. Newer players often miss these vitally important skills, and can lose money as a result. This article looks at 5 ways to play winning online poker which go beyond the cards you are dealt, helping you to grow your poker bankroll today.

Play Winning Online Poker Tip #1 – Avoiding The Natural Variance In The Game

Poker is a game of skill over time, but  making ‘good’ decisions at the tables can still result in losing money in the short term – for example through bad-beats or simply not hitting your hands. To ensure that the natural swings of fortune inherent in the game go not lead to going broke, winning online poker players employ disciplined bankroll management. This involves using only a small proportion of your bankroll in each game, for example 5% on each table is considered solid bankroll management for poker cash games.

Play Winning Online Poker Tip #2 – Be Aware Of The Power Of Position

Acting after your opponents in any given hand is a huge advantage – in fact winning poker players make the majority of their profits when playing from late position. The key is that you get to see what your opponents do before committing any more chips to the pot. This enables you to build a big pot when strong, get away cheaply when it appears you are behind and steal pots which nobody wants to contest. Playing fewer hands from early position and more from the button will give most new poker players an instant profit boost!

Play Winning Online Poker Tip #3 – Select The Table Which Best Suit Your Style

Most online poker sites show statistics next to the table list in the lobby. These can help you choose a table which best suits your style – yet many new players do not use them. The percentage of players seeing each flop, combined with average pot size will give you an indication of whether the table is loose, tight, passive or aggressive. Taking a few minutes to choose a table full of poker fish – preferably which best suits your personal style – can make a big difference to your poker profits.

Play Winning Online Poker Tip #4 – Stop Playing Easily Dominated Hands

A common mistake, and one which those who play winning online poker actively avoid, is playing too many hands which are easily dominated. This refers to hands such as ace-eight which can be easily beaten by either a pair higher than eights or and ace with a higher side-card (kicker). The problem with these hands is that it will cost you valuable chips to find out whether you are ahead or behind. Disciplined play with easily dominated hands involves folding them pre-flop when there are raises ahead or from early position at the table.

Play Winning Online Poker Tip #5 – Make A ‘Tilt Contingency Plan’

Anger and frustration affect almost all online poker players at one time or another. The difference between winning online poker players and the rest is that winners have a plan to deal with this situation when it occurs. Tilting involves making bad decisions when angry after a bad-beat, and the best solution is often to take your self away from the games for a short while. Once you get used to the swings in the game this plan might involve a simple reminder that bad players are the source of your profits in the long-term, regardless of the outcome of any one hand.  Learn how to avoid tilting to become a better poker player.