Take Advantage Of Online Poker Site Features

Poker sites keep upgrading the features they offer to their players, and it’s not just window dressing. The players who actually take advantage of these features are the ones that tend to do the greatest and improve the fastest.

To get an idea of what kinds of online poker site features that are out there, let’s take a look at those offered just by one site–Carbon Poker.

  • Time Bank – like rollover minutes for more time to think about your playing action when you need that time the most
  • Deal It Twice – allows players who are heads-up and all-in to agree to have two turn and/or river cards dealt
  • Quick Start – enter your precise gaming preferences (i.e. style, table stakes, etc.) and instantly be taken to an appropriate table where cards are just being dealt
  • Rabbit Hunt – learn from your mistakes (and successes) by seeing what that card you would have been dealt would have been had you not folded
  • Multiple Windows – view all tables (cash and tournament) that you’re playing in at once on your screen
  • Expose One Card – or two! If you think it’ll throw your opponent off (or on tilt) you can choose to reveal one or both of your hole cards

Player Tags – keep track of your observations on your various opponents by tagging them so you’ll remember the next time you sit down at a table with them

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