Building Your Bankroll

So you want to play online poker for real money, but you don’t want to deposit any of your own money onto a poker site.  If you want to start building a bankroll for online poker from scratch you are in the same boat as tons of other poker players on the internet.  This article will explain how you can start building a bankroll by playing freerolls and good value tournaments and continue building it once you have a reasonable amount by bonus whoring at many different online poker rooms.

When you are just getting started building a bankroll from scratch you will have absolutely no money to work with.  This means the only tournaments you will be able to enter are freeroll events.  The majority of poker rooms do offer freerolls for their players, but these freeroll events usually have huge field sizes and relatively small prize pools.  To put it bluntly most of the freerolls the poker rooms have just aren’t worth your time.  What you want to enter are private freerolls.  Many online poker forums host freeroll events for their members.  These freerolls usually have much better player to prize pool ratios than the poker room freerolls.  You can often find private forum freerolls with a $50 prize pool and only around 20 – 30 entrants.  To find these tournaments you should search for some online poker forums online.  You can then join the forums and start to get into their free tournaments.  Once you know what poker room they have a majority of their freerolls on you can then find the private tournament tab in the poker room lobby and see what other forums host freerolls on the site.  This way you can find more forums to join and get in more and more freeroll tournaments to really get on your way to building your bankroll.

Many forums also hold money added buy-in tournaments for their members.  An example of a money added tournament would be a $2.20 with $50 added to the pot.  Once you have enough money in your poker bankroll you will be able to start entering these events.  Money added tournaments usually are event better value than the freeroll tournaments because only players who have cash in their poker accounts will be able to enter.  It’s not rare to find tournaments like this with only 10 or so players.

Once you have built your poker bankroll up to about $100 you can start to do some bonus whoring.  All online poker rooms offer initial deposit bonuses in an attempt to attract players to the site.  What you can do once you have a big enough bankroll, is move your bankroll from site to site, taking advantage of each rooms sign up bonus.  This bonus money is essentially free and can really help when you are building a bankroll.

Just because you have made it to the bonus whoring stage of building a bankroll doesn’t mean you should stop playing the private freeroll and money added tournaments from your favourite forums.  These tournaments are still very good value and will help you maintain your bankroll if you have some big downswings when trying to earn an online poker bonus.