Bonus Hunting

Bonus whoring involves moving your poker bankroll to a variety of poker rooms and taking advantage of each online poker rooms initial deposit bonus offer.  All online poker rooms offer initial deposit bonuses to attract players to their poker rooms and by taking advantage of these poker room offers players are able to add extra money to their online poker bankrolls for free.  In this article we will look at how you can be a successful bonus whore by receiving the maximum bonus amount, finding soft clearing conditions and managing your bankroll.

Poker room initial deposit bonuses are all one shot deals so if you want to be a successful bonus whore you need to get the maximum value from every poker room before moving on to the next site.  This means you should be receiving the biggest bonus that each poker room offers.  If the poker room, Full Tilt for example, offers a 100% matching bonus up to $600, then you should make an initial deposit of $600 in order to receive the largest bonus you can, which in this case is $600.  Remember, if you make an initial deposit of $50 you are basically losing $550 in added value that Full Tilt Poker would have given you and you can never receive an initial deposit bonus again.  Successful bonus whoring involves getting the maximum bonus at each poker room.

Poker rooms all have different clearing conditions and terms regarding their initial deposit bonuses.  For example, some bonuses, such as the PokerStars $50 fixed bonus, clear very easily, whereas others, such as the CD Poker bonus, clear very slowly.  It is important that you investigate the clearing requirements of each poker room before making your deposit.  You should start with poker rooms that have more relaxed clearing policies and get them out of the way first because this will allow you to build your bankroll at a faster rate.  The more difficult to clear bonuses should be left until the end of your bonus whoring career.  You must also pay close attention to the time frames that you must clear your bonuses by, especially if the bonus is given as a lump sum.  PKR’s bonus for example, is given as a lump sum once you complete the entire bonus, but if you do not clear the bonus within 60 days you lose the entire amount.  Not paying close attention to the clearing conditions of the online poker bonuses can really hamper your bonus whoring progress.

It is also very important to manage your poker bankroll while bonus whoring.  If you go broke then you have no money to move to the next poker room and you definitely won’t be able to get the maximum bonus offered.  For this reason it is important to play well within your bankroll to ensure that you are able to withstand the downswings that online poker is sure to bring.  A good rule of thumb is to only play at limits that you have $40 buy-ins for.  For example if you are playing $10 sit and go’s you should have $400 in your bankroll.

Bonus whoring can be a very profitable way to use and build your online poker bankroll.  If you manage your bankroll, while getting the maximum bonus from each poker room, starting with the easiest to clear bonuses, you will be well on your way to a successful and profitable bonus whoring career.